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Prosperelle Ventures is founded by Adesewa Alabi (nee Odesanya). It was formally established in 2018. The founder has a passion for creativity which has been evident since age 10 when she produced handmade cards at home. Today, Prosperelle Ventures has evolved to be a unique entrepreneurial venture where creative ideas are birthed on a daily basis. 

Prosperelle  preserves culture through creative pieces made with locally produced materials. We have taken the initiative to create Hair and wristwatch accessories with materials like adire or aso oke. We also make prefilled gift boxes available and we include our unique products in them.

With Prosperelle, individuals from around the world have a touch of their “Nigerianness” on their dressing. With an Afrocentric movie like Black Panther out, Africans all over the world are seeking for creative pieces to show forth their cultural heritage. Our millinery is unique and we sell creatively filled gift boxes too. 

We value excellence and creativity and this is the goal of Prosperelle

Through our evolving range of products, we seek to  present cultural designs as contemporary and not outdated, impact lives through job creation and skills acquisition training. We are proud Tony Elumelu entrepreneurs and we hope to impact Africa and the world at large positively. 

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